Product Description

♥ Please Note ♥ An important aspect of our handmade process is the selection of fabrics used to decorate our accessories. We use fabrics from small found snippets and remains from other products or sourced from markets and vintage shops. Often we also use clothing with beautiful fabric patterns we find at flea markets, which we recycle, or rather upcycle. So basically we seek out fabrics from folds, garments, remainders and other pieces acquired from vintage clothing. Each piece uses a unique cut from the fabric so small variations in patterns may occur between the photo you see and the final product shipped. In that case we would send a photo of the actual product before shipping for confirmation. About Us: All our items are handmade with love since 2001. We are 2 sisters , 1 in Barcelona and 1 in Berlin. Please don’t hesitate to contact us if you have any further questions, Your satisfaction is important to us.